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Babylon 10 Download

Babylon 10 - the world's leading translation software - Download FREE trial version!
  • One Click Translation
  • Over 77 Languages
  • Human Voice
  • Completely Free
  • Get started in seconds!
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Babylon - How it works?

Download and install
Click on the download button above and install Babylon 10 on your computer
Select the text with your mouse pointer
After installing the software, select with your mouse pointer the text you wish to translate
Select a language
Select from the drop down menu the language you want to translate
Click on Translate
That's it! The text you selected will be translated into the selected language in seconds!

Babylon 10 Features

77 Languages
With Babylon you can translate from any language to any language!
Mega fast translation
Don't like waiting for your translation? We too! Quick translation click of a button!
Full time support
Professional support team at your service around the clock in a variety of languages!
Websites Translation
Not only documents! Babylon can translate entire websites in any language to any language!
The world's leading translation company
Babylon Translation is a world leader in its field. Do not worry, you're in good hands!

User testimonials on Babylon

  Rebecca Johnson  

  Albertine Bondy  

  Gabriele Duerr  

  Ann Venegas Mateo  

Babylon 10 Software
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